Why Bother? A Decade of Coaching Carlton

If it wasn’t a man’s livelihood and his second (and probably last) crack at coaching at the top level on the line, you’d probably crack a smile at what is occurring at Carlton.

Really, it’s ludicrous.

With just 32 games at the helm, it seems the story is that Michael Voss is now “coaching for his career” at Ikon Park, at least according to Sam McClure, who claims both the board and playing group are questioning Voss’ tenure.

Seriously, he’s barely had time to scratch himself, let alone get things completely right with his team. Sadly, it seems he is joining a growing line of coaches who have come in with high hopes and big dreams, only to have the club and those within it suck the life out of him at every turn.

Coaching Carlton is the worst senior coaching role in footy.


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