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HB has been around and seen a bit. He’s possibly been around too long and seen a little too much. Some would call him jaded, and others would call him any number of unflattering names. He loves his Hawks a little too much. An unashamed football romantic, he makes no apologies for the way he writes about the sport he loves. We’re about footy at The Mongrel. Not gossip or scandal. Just footy.

Follow him on Twitter at @themongrelpunt


Rob is an avid sports enthusiast based out of Perth and has been a lifelong Eagles supporter. He loves his footy, cricket and long distance running. Rob also loves writing analytical pieces on contemporary issues in the footy world, as well as articles which are bound to generate rigorous debate.


Tom Basso is based in South Australia and absolutely adores Port Adelaide. But it’s not all bad. He also loves the footy, ice hockey, a good scandal and writing about it. He also talks non stop and quite loudly so you can probably hear him in the distance, or on Adelaide’s 1079 LIFE and Arch D Radio.

You can follow Tom on Twitter @TheTomBasso


Jason is one of our footy and basketball lovers – wild about both sports, and with a passion for writing. He’s living under the delusion that he’s a stand-up comedian. Aren’t we all…

You can follow and bother Jason on Twitter at @joe_arthur2010

Or, if you want to check out some of his thoughts about basketball, then head to his website: fullcourtpressaus.wixsite.com/home


Sam is not a dyed in the wool Geelong supporter. In fact, no one is really sure why he goes for the Cats, but everyone agrees that he’s fairly passionate about the cause. Growing up in a family of long suffering Carlton and Richmond supporters, the AFL has been charmed for him for the majority of his memory. As a footy purist, he’ll endeavour to watch any game he can, even if that means enduring an open roofed Marvel Stadium. You can see his inane ramblings on Twitter at @sammarcolin2


A 25 year Armchair sports veteran (remarkable considering he’s just 28), Matt loves his footy, and can be seen at every Central Districts game in the SANFL. He’s followed Hawthorn since 1998, Chelsea FC since the Russian took over, and his American sports teams, the Detroit Pistons and New York Jets are average at best, but are on the right track.

If you’re in Adelaide, he can be heard in 1079 Life FM from time to time, but head to Elizabeth Oval and he’ll be there. Count on it.


Melbourne comedian since 1996. Can be seen regularly at The Comic’s Lounge in North Melbourne. Passionate Blues man. Single-figure handicap golfer (it’s a sport page, so let me brag).

You can get more of Gab at www.gabrielrossi.com.au


Trent started his Aussie Rules infatuation early, attending his first game as 3-week old, a record he proudly bested with his own son at age 2.5 weeks. He is a 30+ year club member, and 25+ year MCC member, the fortunate beneficiary of a prenuptial agreement between his football loving parents that saw his Mum raise him as a passionate Hawk, while his dear sister until recently was burdened with a love for the Tigers following after her Dad. Trent is heavily involved in community sport, most notably Subbies Cricket with the Mighty Oaks, and is a long suffering Washington Nationals fan in the MLB.

You can follow Trent on Twitter @trentra15

Want to write for The Mongrel? Give us a yell at hbmeyers@themongrelpunt.com and we’ll have a bit of chat.