Members Value Add – Adelaide Intraclub Review

A perfect Friday afternoon provided a perfect backdrop for the Adelaide Crows’ 2022 intraclub clash.

Whilst some don’t put a lot of faith in the concept, and don’t exactly love reading about it, there are those amongst us that take the opportunity to have a close look at who is in favour, who is out of favour, and those looking to make a name for themselves as the new season approaches.

The Crows had several questions answered in this game, as we saw some players relegated to the yellow team (made up of the hopefuls) to take on the blue team, which contained players more likely to make up the majority of the Round One team.

As always, The Mongrel cast his eye over proceedings to provide our Adelaide members with an impartial view of what went down.


Uh oh… standalone content for our Crows members…. because I like them. Actually, I don’t mind all of you, this one just happens to be for them, though. We’re gonna cover as many intraclub and practice games as technology and lack of sleep will allow. Want to join us?

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