Members Value Add – North Melbourne Intraclub Report

A morning timeslot at Arden Street was the backdrop the North Melbourne intraclub hit out, to give us a look at how the Kangaroos are setting up for 2023, and where players will be lining up to kickstart what is hopefully the great Kangaroo revival.

Before I start, kudos to North for being one of just three teams to make the effort to stream the game to their fans. It is these little actions that endear the club to a fanbase and make them want to invest. After hearing reports all preseason of the prowess of Griffin Logue, the potential of Harry Sheezel, and the development of some of the kids, it is important to give such a committed cohort of fans the opportunity to see them live before the official stuff begins. Well done, North.

Anyway, the game saw the team divided up into the blue team (probably best 23) and the possibles (obviously not the probable best 23), although some were evidently added to the latter team due to interrupted preseasons, and/or clashes with others at their position.

Interestingly, amongst those starting on the weaker side were Todd Goldstein, Hugh Greenwood, and Griffin Logue.

Here’s how The Mongrel saw the contest unfold.


Uh oh… standalone content for our North members…. because I like them. Actually, I don’t mind all of you, this one just happens to be for them, though. We’re gonna cover as many intraclub and practice games as technology and lack of sleep will allow. Want to join us?

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