Members Value Add – Port Adelaide Intraclub Review

My initial thought was that I could review the the Adelaide Crows intraclub and then move onto the Port Adelaide version once they whacked it up onto their website.

Those plans were skewed when the Crows had some technical difficulties and I switched over to the flawless coverage of the Power.I made the executive decision to switch the order and cover Port first… which is great for Port supporters, and Crows supporters can hope the club uploads the game to their website – it’d be the nice thing to do considering most people missed the entire first quarter.

Anyway, onto Port’s outing – that’s what you’re here for, right?



Uh oh… standalone content for our Port members…. because I like them. Actually, I don’t mind all of you, this one just happens to be for them, though. We’re gonna cover as many intraclub and practice games as technology and lack of sleep will allow. Want to join us?

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