Infamous Moments – Libba and Knights

“Shop early to avoid the rush.”

Bulldog Legend, Charlie Sutton would have been handy this time of year. Christmas shopping is on the agenda and you always want to get in early to avoid being trampled as people congregate at whatever shopping centre you frequent. At face value, it’s great advice.

In terms of advice applying that advice on the footy field… well, maybe something a little less open to interpretation would have seen Tony Liberatore not leave Richmond’s Matthew Knights with blood smeared all over his face in their Round Two clash in 2001.

Liberatore claims that line was Sutton’s catchphrase, indicating that the man the Dogs named their Best and Fairest after liked to get in and give his opponent one before the roles had the chance to be reversed. Libba took it to heart and it ignited one of the more intense games of the 2000s.

“I took things into my own hands, I probably shouldn’t have done what I’d done. He was niggling one of our wingmen, Matthew Robbins, and I thought he’s pretty fired up. From the corner of my eye I thought he was going to come through and collect me. I just felt that something was going to happen, so unfortunately I did what Charlie Sutton told me. I got in first.” – Libba on Fox Footy’s Open Mike


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