Great Expectations

The West Coast Eagles are not known for their patience.

The club joined the league in 1987 and were immediately competitive. They played finals in 88 and 90, and were the best the league for the majority of the 1991 season before capturing their first flag in 1992.

This club does not tolerate failure well. And they have an expectation that they’ll be back on top sooner, rather than later.

As the smoke cleared and we walked away from the first night of the 2023 AFL Draft , the reputed best player in the draft went to the team with the first pick.

As it should be.

Still, it hadn’t halted weeks of speculation that the West Coast Eagles would trade away the first pick and the rights to Harley Read. It made good copy, and most of us bought it. It makes you wonder how many of the journos pushing the “potential trade” wagon knew it wasn’t going to happen, and how many knew that speculation sells newspapers or generates clicks.

My guess is a fair few of them.

Still, there were some, like Sam McClure, who made bold statements that “they’re not gonna pick him… he doesn’t want to go there”.

Nice one, Sam.

Anyway, when you obtain a talent like Harley Reid, there can be a feeling that the dark tunnel you’ve been in for a while is coming to an end. However, in West Coast’s case, the light they see might just be a train.

No, this isn’t yet another West Coast bash – lord knows, they’ve had enough whacks around the head over the last 12 months to last a while. This is more a case of preaching patience. That’s the thing about a successful club – they think they’ve been patient, already.


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