The Prophet’s Predictions – Round 14

The bye rounds are upon us. As we all scramble to ensure we have enough viable Supercoach options, we need to wait a few weeks for parity again, before the mad dash down the back nine towards the clubhouse is upon us. As we head into Round Fourteen, I’m the Prophet and these are my Predictions.

If you decide to base your multi off this, and it fails, I’ve warned you already that that is risky. I won’t be to blame. This is purely for fun, and to see how I go. Feel free to message the page or comment on the previous week’s version if you have any thoughts.

So, strap yourselves in for the Prophet’s Predictions for Round Fourteen.


The Guarantee

Dustin Martin, 3 votes. Not because he will be the best player in his 300th, but because the incessant ego-inflating from the AFL this week will ensure it. So, Hawks fans, temper your expectations. I expect it’ll be orchestrated for Dustin to celebrate in style.


The Ultimate Nightmare (Worst Case Scenario)

Richmond lose + Dusty gets injured. What will the AFL do?

Seriously, though, The Saints need to learn how to score. Ross the Boss has made games his side features in boring in 2024. If they are going to progress, they need to score. I don’t expect them to win, but failure to score 10 goals is a massive disaster for them and leaves many questions to be answered.

Also, no Thursday Night football for the rest of the year is a disgrace. One of the dumber decisions from AFL House, especially compounding it with multiple 1.45pm Saturday games in the run home. The fixture needs work!


The Outsider (unexpected winner)

Fremantle are outsiders in their clash with the Dogs. This is very interesting, given their form. I’m backing the Dogs, because eventually tipping them has to work, right? But don’t be surprised if the Dockers do a number on the Dogs.


The Money Maker (Bold Call)

North’s mids will beat the Pies mids – more clearances, more contested possessions – but the Pies will have more scores from stoppages and will control much of the game.


Essential Result (Must Win)

GWS v Port has significant ramifications for both sides. The Giants are back at home. For them, this is a must-win. If they fail to secure the four points, then they will need everything to go right if they are to feature in September.


Most at Stake (Vulnerable)

Max King. He’s come under the spotlight in recent weeks for not taking control if the game like other key forwards – including his brother. He needs to step up if the Saints are going to kick a score and see any form of success in the back half of the season.


The Must Watch (match up or game)

Not for any other reason than North players coming out in recent days and saying that the Pies are very gettable, I’m interested to see if they (North players) can back that up on-field. I expect the Pies to comfortably account for the Roos, but this adds a little extra spice.


The Unexpected (underdog performance)

Izak Rankine isn’t an underdog, but his side is against the rampaging Swans. Rankine returns and will want to make up for lost time. Put him down for 3 + goals.


The Don (player of the round)

With the Dogs making some interesting selection calls, I’m backing Luke Jackson to go to another level and stretch the Dogs. Expect him to have a big say on Saturday.


The Underboss (rookie of the round)

Lots was spoken about Arie Schoenmaker in the lead up to the draft; good and bad. Let’s see what the young bloke has to offer.


Individual Brilliance (predicting a stat accomplishment like x goals or marks)

Will Day has been building nicely since his return. I expect that to continue against the Tigers. 20+ disposals, 5+ clearances, and 1+ goals.


The Winners (currently on 72)


Western Bulldogs






Drop us your thoughts in the comments, and stay tuned over the coming weeks to see how the Prophet goes with his predictions.


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