R12 – Carlton v Port Adelaide – The Big Statements

If you hear anyone, or read anyone attempting to paint this game as anything but a massive win for the Carlton Football Club, I reckon you have the right to shut them down, immediately.

If they play down the fact that Carlton not only won on the road, but won at a venue they’ve had bugger all success at, tell them to zip it.

If they try to downplay the win by telling you it was more about Port Adelaide losing than the Blues winning, a backhander may just be in order.

And if anyone suggests that Carlton are not contenders in 2024, Carlton fans are now in a position to smile, nod, and walk off.

You know they are in contention

You saw what I saw.

Had there been a draft for the player most likely to take over the last quarter, chances are the number one pick would have been Zak Butters – he has form this season. You might have taken Sam Walsh with pick two, but where would Patrick Cripps have ranked? Before or after Jason Horne-Francis?

The Carlton captain started the last quarter with two goals in the first 80 seconds, to give his team breathing room, and despite a spirited effort from the Power, his team followed their fearless leader and elevated their games around him.

Cripps starred the Blues Train rolling in the last quarter, and no one could stop it.

There is a heap to get through in this one. What worked? What didn’t? Who were the unsung heroes? And who were the zeroes?

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s Big Statements.


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