Round 12 – The Prophet’s Predictions

The bye rounds are upon us. As we all scramble to ensure we have enough viable Supercoach options, we need to wait a few weeks for parity again, before the mad dash down the back nine towards the clubhouse is upon us. As we head into Round Twelve, I’m the Prophet and these are my Predictions.

If you decide to base your multi off this, and it fails, I’ve warned you already that that is risky. I won’t be to blame. This is purely for fun, and to see how I go. Feel free to message the page or comment on the previous week’s version if you have any thoughts.

So, strap yourselves in for the Prophet’s Predictions for Round Twelve.


The Guarantee

Fans, players, coaches, and broadcasters alike will remain just as confused about what constitutes prior opportunity and holding the ball. The new interpretation will roll out in Thursday Night Footy, but how long does it last? Expect there to be scrutiny all weekend and for everyone to be no closer to an answer.


The Ultimate Nightmare (Worst Case Scenario)

North’s season has already been a nightmare, and with changing community standards, Clarko is finding it difficult to bring his trademark assertiveness to the role of senior coach. We’ve heard already this week that the’s being investigated for another spray to the umpires. If he can’t keep himself in check, and faces suspension, who is left to try and bring North out of the place of despair they currently reside in?


The Outsider (unexpected winner)

Going by ladder position, you’d expect the Bombers to account for the Suns – I expect that as well. However, the Suns are a vastly better and significantly different side at home than when they travel (unless to Darwin). So, at home, and with the Bombers propensity to make simple games look much harder than they are, the Suns could be very much in the frame here.

Across the world and in another sporting code, the Men’s ICCT20 World Cup is upon us. Do not sleep on hosts the West Indies. If ever they’re going to win one of these again, it’s on their home deck led by their recent Test Hero Shamar Joseph.


The Money Maker (Bold Call)

West Coast beat the Saints by 5+ goals. I said what I said. The Saints are in a rut, are borderline shambolic, and head West. Yes, the Eagles copped a pasting last week, but back at home, I expect them to respond and confine the Saints to bottom three.


Essential Result (Must Win)

Geelong, in Geelong, against Richmond. The Tigers are having an all-time horror injury season, the Cats have more midfield issues thanks to suspension, but still should be strong seasons. If the Cats drop this, they need to be investigated for tanking and for being a fraudulent playing group – this coming from one of the most positive and optimistic Cats fans around.


Most at Stake (Vulnerable)

The Dogs. With a great win against the Giants a fortnight ago, and hanging with the Swans for much of last week, they come up against a severely depleted Magpies outfit who love to be the underdog. If the Dogs want to stay in the hunt, literally, then they welcome the Pies to Superhero Stadium on Friday Night and leave with four points. Any other result is embarrassing for the Dogs.


The Must Watch (match up or game)

Get around the Hok v the Crom on Saturday at the MCG. If Melbourne, on Winter’s opening day, can avoid raining, even if it’s cold, then this match should be a lot of fun. The Hawks are relishing playing spoiler to other clubs and their pursuit of finals. The Crows don’t play at the ‘G often. If Adelaide want finals, they win this. If the Hawks want to continue their development and growing belief, they win this. It’ll be a little chaotic, and good to watch.


The Unexpected (underdog performance)

This is all subject to if he plays, but I’m going Jacob Weitering. You might be wondering how he could possibly be considered an underdog? It’s a valid question. However, last week he went into the game with a corkie in his thigh. He was then hobbled during the game having copped a further hit. Under a cloud, forced to line up on a returning Charlie Dixon in hostile territory … expect Weitering to do what he does best and clamp the opponents big forward.

I’m also going to back in Fremantle to buck their inaccuracy trend this weekend. I have no reason to think they will, it’d just be good for their fans to know they can be accurate. I don’t think they’ll win, but any progress is good progress, right?


The Don (player of the round)

Jordan Dawson has been building into season 2024 nicely. If the Crows are to abscond with the four points on Saturday, expect the Crom skipper to have a big day out at the home of football.


The Underboss (rookie of the round)

I dunno if a 26 year old classifies as a rookie, but the man in question, while not having been confirmed to debut, I’m backing him in anyway. Mitch Hardie was a mid-season draft pickup for the Cats in 2023. He is dominating the VFL and is currently comfortably ahead in the coaches votes – polling at a rate similar to Isaac Heeney in the AFL. If ever there was a week for him to debut, it’s this one. If he does, and gets a full game, expect him to shine.


Individual Brilliance (predicting a stat accomplishment like x goals or marks)

This is more hope than anything, given his sides dip in form and his own struggles in recent weeks, but against a battling Tigers outfit, I’m going to back in Tom Stewart to have 10+ marks, at least 5 of which will be intercept marks. I hope. If this happens, the Cats win comfortably.


The Winners (currently on 62)

Port Adelaide

Western Bulldogs


West Coast





These predictions were all made with only Thursday Night teams released. Drop us your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned over the coming weeks to see how the Prophet goes with his predictions.


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