Round 11 – The Prophet’s Predictions



We are entering week two of Sir Doug Nicholls Round which means double the close finishes, double the blow outs, and double the downright incredible moments. As we head into Round Eleven, I’m the Prophet and these are my Predictions.

If you decide to base your multi off this, and it fails, I’ve warned you already that that is risky. I won’t be to blame. This is purely for fun, and to see how I go. Feel free to message the page or comment on the previous week’s version if you have any thoughts.

So, strap yourselves in for the Prophet’s Predictions for Round Eleven.


The Guarantee

That when any quarter goes longer than 30 minutes this weekend, analysts and commentators will go on diatribes about the speed of the game, the length of the game, and not focus on the on-field action.


The Ultimate Nightmare (Worst Case Scenario)

The walk to the ‘G on Saturday Night gets infiltrated by protestors for other causes. I’m all for people having a right to protest, but read the room.


The Outsider (unexpected winner)

Richmond will get the moral victory by keeping the margin below 10 goals. Just like the Poms in last years Ashes, because the Tigers didn’t get belted, they will claim the moral victory. In all seriousness, if they don’t show something on a big occasion like this, I don’t expect even North to lose to the Tigers for the remainder of this year.

Unexpected winner will be fans. Last week we were let down with some blow outs, but I’m going out on a limb believing we will have multiple single digit results this weekend.


The Money Maker (Bold Call)

The AFL will inevitably cave to the players demands, just like Cricket Australia (who’s brand is yet to recover, let’s be real) and shorten quarters. In the process, the AFL will alienate their biggest stakeholder – the fans. As soon as the AFLPA came out with this, and some coaches (I’m looking at you Simon Goodwin) saying that the players can’t deal with the season at its current length, it is almost a dead certainty for this to eventuate. Next, the players will want no scores kept and participation ribbons for everyone because: YOU TRIED.


Essential Result (Must Win)

I’ve had the Cats on here a few times and they’ve let me down. But, the reality is, for both the Cats and the Giants who are both in significant downward spirals, they need a positive result this weekend. The Giants have won their last three at the Cattery, while the Cats need a win to salute the new games record holder in Tom Hawkins.


Most at Stake (Vulnerable)

The Crows at home against the Eagles. If the Crows want finals footy, then they win this game. The Eagles have improved out of sight, they are bold, cohesive, and taking scalps. Will the Crows show up again, with their renewed vigour, and get the four points? Or will it be another dose of disappointment for the ‘Pride of South Australia?’


The Must Watch (match up or game)

Arguably the two most in-form ruckmen in the game at the moment, Max Gawn and Rowan Marshall go head-to-head on Sunday at the ‘G. The two rucks will, based on their respective performances, have a big say on the outcome of this game. Get your popcorn ready!


The Unexpected (underdog performance)

I think the Suns are a sneaky chance on the weekend. That said, we are all well aware of Damin Hardwick’s disdain of Marvel Stadium, and the Suns capitulating when they aren’t in Darwin/when the weather is cold, but they have the tools to disrupt the Blues.


The Don (player of the round)

I’m expecting Trac to go large against the Saints. The Dees need to respond after being dispatched by the Eagles last week, and they are stronger around the contest than most teams, so expect Christian Petracca to lead the way.


The Underboss (rookie of the round)

I’m really liking what Joe Richards is doing at the Pies. On the expanses of Optus Stadium, against the Fremantle defenders who are very offensively minded, I’m anticipating that Richards could have some fun.


Individual Brilliance (predicting a stat accomplishment like x goals or marks)

Jason Horne-Francis. Against his old side. 3 + goals and 25+ disposals. This will happen. And won’t he love it. Perhaps Kane Cornes might get a chance to run some JHF clips again.


The Winners (currently on 55)


Fremantle (literally tossed a coin)

Port Adelaide




Brisbane Lions




These predictions were all made with only Thursday Night teams released. Drop us your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned over the coming weeks to see how the Prophet goes with his predictions.


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