Rolling All-Australian Team – Round Ten

We are seeing unexpected sides rise, while others who have started well have suffered some capitulations. How much of the ladder can we trust? Is form temporary and class permanent? Much like the ladder itself, we are seeing some unexpected performances among the players. The Prophet has been busy watching back the tapes, factoring in some statistics, consulting experts (The Mongrel Punt Team), and, utilising the esteemed eye test. So, what does the team look like?

I’m glad you’ve asked. The AFL Team and their so-called expert panel who pick a team of midfielders, at the Mongrel Punt, we value players who are the role players, who excel at what they are picked to do, and celebrate those who dominate their position. So, I am endeavouring to pick players in the position they spend most of their time.

Some players will inevitably miss out – especially midfielders. I may or may not justify my decisions, but know that I have picked this 23 and could have picked a second side with the names left out. So, I expect this will be a side that has changes at various points as I seek to bring the collective best 23, by position, at the conclusion of the 2024 season.

Here is what the team looked like at the culmination of Round Seven:


FB: Zach Guthrie Alex Pearce Nick Vlaustin

HB: Tom Stewart Steven May Nick Blakey

C: Errol Gulden Tom Green Josh Daicos

HF: Gryan Miers Jeremy Cameron Jake Waterman

FF: Brent Daniels Jesse Hogan Bayley Fritsch

Foll: Max Gawn Isaac Heeney Caleb Serong

Int: Marcus Bontempelli Sam Taylor Zach Merrett Izak Rankine  Christian Petracca


What has changed? Who is now more firmly entrenched? There have been a lot of compelling arguments about different players, and I even recognise that the first team was a little too midfielder-heavy, so, like Anakin was supposed to, I will endeavour to bring balance to the force.

I guess I should stop stalling and dragging this out. *cue drum roll* here’s the Mongrel Punt’s Rolling All-Australian Team following Round Ten.


FB: Zach Guthrie Alex Pearce Nick Vlaustin

HB: Lachie Whitfield Steven May Nick Blakey

C: Errol Gulden Chad Warner Josh Daicos

HF: Gryan Miers Ben King Jake Waterman

FF: Tyson Stengle Jesse Hogan Bayley Fritsch

Foll: Max Gawn Isaac Heeney Caleb Serong

Int: Christian Petracca Sam Taylor Zach Merrett Izak Rankine  Kyle Langford


Five changes to this side after a three-week block of matches.

I flagged Lachie Whitfield as a potential option last time around. His body of work has been impressive this year, and has been very important for the Giants – even in their downward run of recent form. Tom Stewart was the incumbent, and while I love what he does, he needs a response after a few quiet weeks. When the whips are cracking, Stewart likely earns his sixth blazer. However, on recent form, he needs a break from this side.

Into the middle of the ground and Chad Warner has arrived. “The Chad is good. The Chad is great.” He and Isaac Heeney have dominated sides in the middle and going forward and are both genuine Brownlow options at the moment. Tom Green has been quiet since his ankle injury a few weeks ago. He has opportunity to regain his spot in coming weeks.

Up forward, Brent Daniels and Jeremy Cameron fall victim to circumstance, a quiet week, and a chasing pack gaining serious momentum. With a four-way tie at the top of the Coleman race, Ben King has entered the AA chat. The Suns big man has been consistent, mitigates his opponent, hits the scoreboard, and can even play decoy for his teammates. He replaces Jez at CHF. In the pocket, and I had a bit of an internal debate about who was the best option – the last member of that four-way tie – Charlie Curnow – or close to the leading small forward at the moment (aside from Izak Rankine on the bench, who is now injured), Tyson Stengle. I went with the Cats small forward. Simply, it comes down to Stengle being consistent and still contributing even in losses; and for team balance. Curnow is very close, but is behind Hogan, King, and Waterman.

On the bench, the Bont goes out of the side, Petracca moves from sub to the bench, and the mercurial Kyle Langford comes into the 23 as the sub. This is a great reward for effort with Langford. And while he was quiet against North, his numbers show how vital he has been to the Bombers resurgence in 2024.


Honourable Mentions:
Zak Butters is probably next in line for the midfield. A few quieter weeks (before an epic last quarter on the weekend) by his standards, and the continued rise of others sees him out of this iteration of the 23. He’s also a victim of selection integrity – we don’t pick midfielders for the sake of having every position filled by them. Part of his numbers being a little lower too, is the continued rise of Jason Horne-Francis. He continues to be a beast around stoppages, and gets forward to impact the scoreboard.

Ollie Henry is one of six players to kick a goal every week. He doesn’t get a lot of the ball, but he is very reliable in front of goal when he gets his opportunities. While he’s a few rungs back, he is one to watch.

The Suns double-act of Matt Rowell and Noah Anderson have had stellar seasons thus far. They win the ball, hit the scoreboard, and tear teams apart. Both are in the present squad, and all it takes is a few slip ups and they are right back in the mix.

I’ve really liked what Dayne Zorko has been able to do in recent weeks. We’ve seen the Lions remember how to play football, and the form of Zorko has been a big reason for that improvement.

I also realise I’m probably being very harsh on Luke Ryan who could have easily come into the side for Tom Stewart, or even Nick Vlaustin. I’ll leave it for now, but it probably won’t be long before he’s in the side.

Let us know your team, or who you’d replace and why – don’t just blindly change it because someone in your team wasn’t picked.


Stay tuned for more from The Mongrel Punt, and for additional reasons to tell me I must not watch footy because you don’t like the team I’ve selected.


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