Mongrel Grand Final Crystal Ball

Anyone who followed my tipping, or anyone’s involved with The Mongrel Punt would be acutely aware that when it comes to predicting outcomes… we’re about as reliable as David King.

So, not very reliable.

Anyway, we still give it a crack in the hopes that between all of us, we’ll get a few correct. Enjoy the Grand Final – here goes…


Jimmy Day

Winner – Brisbane (and bring on the overindulgence of hearing Country Roads)

Margin – 17 points

Norm Smith – Oscar McInerney or Cam Rayner

First Goal – Jamie Elliott

Key Matchup – Darcy Moore v Joe Daniher; whoever wins this battle goes a long way to securing Premiership glory for their side.

Unsung Hero – Keidean Coleman

Who Will Flop – Nathan Murphy will legit flop at some point; I have a feeling we won’t see the best of Bobby Hill

Doomsday Scenario – Brisbane forget how to football because they’re at the MCG, leading to us having to watch footage of Eddie singing the Pies song all night.


Alex Docherty

Winner – Brisbane

Margin – 2 points

Norm Smith – Lachie Neale

First Goal – Joe Daniher

Key Matchup – Josh Dunkley v Jordan De Goey

Unsung Hero – Darcy Wilmot or Ryan Lester

Who will flop – Hate saying it, because I love this man, but I reckon Bobby Hill gets kept really quiet in this one.

Doomsday Scenario – Really, anything that involves Eddie McGuire’s jughead.


Nick Sluggett

Winner – Brisbane

Margin – 11 points

Norm Smith – Cam Rayner

First Goal – Jamie Elliott

Key Matchup – Oscar McInerney vs. Mason Cox/Darcy Cameron

Unsung Hero – Brandon Starcevich

Who will flop – Brody Mihocek. Just think he’s going to struggle with the quality of the Brisbane defence. If the Pies don’t give him clean looks, I don’t see him pulling down multiple pack marks.

Doomsday Scenario – Big Collingwood victory. At least make them sweat for it, Brisbane.


Brett Hodgson

Winner- Collingwood

Margin- 15 points

Norm Smith- Josh Daicos

First Goal-  Lincoln McCarthy

Key Matchup- Cam Rayner vs. Brayden Maynard

Unsung Hero- Nathan Murphy

Who Will Flop- Zac Bailey

Doomsday Scenario – Score review controversy


Matt Parnell

Winner – Pies

Margin – 8 points

Norm Smith – Tom Mitchell

First Goal –  Nick Daicos

Key Matchup – Maynard v Maynard

Unsung Hero – Jack Ginnivan

Who Will Flop – Josh Dunkley

Doomsday Scenario- The computer code governing the umpires can’t decide whether Daicos (N) or Neale (L) gets the free, and one of them explodes


Matt Bryker-Oman

Winner – Collingwood

Margin – 14

Norm Smith – Josh Daicos

First Goal – Jamie Elliott

Key Matchup – Frampton vs. Andrews

Unsung Hero – Jack Ginnivan

Who Will Flop – Joe Daniher

Doomsday Scenario – Botched score review costs one team the flag


Trent Adam Shields

Winner – Brisbane – as I predicted preseason

Margin – 26

Norm Smith – Hugh McCluggage or Cam Rayner

First Goal – Bobby Hill

Key Matchup – Big O vs Mase

Unsung Hero – Brandon Starcevich

Who Will Flop – Scott Pendlebury – won’t go hard enough when required.

Doomsday Scenario – KISS do a meatloaf


HB Meyers

Winner – Brisbane… and I’ve changed it twice

Margin – 15 points

Norm Smith – Josh Dunkley

First Goal – Bobby Hill… first-quarter specialist

Key Matchup – Whoever takes the resting Collingwood ruck

Unsung hero – Conor McKenna

Who will flop – Eric Hipwood

Doomsday Scenario – We all know there is going to be insufficient evidence in regard to a score review. Please don’t let it be pivotal


Mrs Mongrel 

Winner – Collingwood

Margin – 4 points

Norm Smith – Joe Daniher, with his flirty Engish WW2 fighter pilot vibe

First Goal – The Big O. I don’t have to justify my choices to you

Key Matchup – I love matchmaking. I’d like to see a moment between Harris Andrews and that handsome lad Isaac Quaynor

Unsung Hero – Darcy Gardiner. The moment he looks into the eyes of a Daicos, he’ll freeze and fall to the ground like a Virginia Opossum.

Doomsday Scenario – It’s 2.20pm. HB is violently ill. Head in the toilet. It’s all up to me to review the game. I have artificial intelligence and my friends. They don’t watch footy. Gonna do it anyway, I’ll go for the Suns.



JB Eddy

Winner – Brisbane

Margin – 15 points

Norm Smith – Charlie Cameron

First Goal – Scott Pendlebury

Key Matchup – Andrews v Cox. Cox is big enough to worry Andrews, and if his game is on, he could be a difference maker, but Andrew is very hard at the ball and mobile, and could launch scoring chances from the back line if Cox isn’t willing to chase.

Unsung Hero – Brody Mihocek. He’ll be his usual reliable self, but despite playing for the most hyped-up team in the comp, rarely seems to get his kudos.

Who will flop – Daniher. He has Norm Smith potential, but I can see him fading when he has to keep taking hard hits.

Doomsday Scenario – Gene Simmons gets on the mic and talks about how awesome he is for 45 minutes, delaying the second half.


Max Ford

Winner – Collingwood

Margin – 7 points

Norm Smith – Jordan De Goey

First goal – Bobby Hill

Key Matchup – Lions small defenders vs. Pies small forwards

The Lions defenders are not only going to have to be incredibly clean at ground level in defensive 50, but also somehow stop Collingwood’s fleet of forward rovers from causing havoc, whether that means preventing marks out the back in transition, or stopping those crumbs that so often lead to scoring opportunities. God be with them.

Unsung hero – Darcy Gardiner

Who will flop – Eric Hipwood will be completely blanketed, and the few opportunities that he does get, he’ll turn over

Doomsday scenario – Everything I’ve written above


Please feel free to add your own… and don’t edit them after the game!!!