If you were Ross Lyon right now, what would be the one word you’d make sure was at the top of your vocabulary list?

Pressure? Structure? How about ‘believe’?

In a week where bad news seems to be all that’s available, something wonderful happened on Saturday evening at Marvel Stadium. You may have missed it, however, as all people were talking about was the situation between Adelaide and Sydney.

When they did take the time to talk about the game at Marvel, the focus from the media seemed to be on the powerful Geelong era grinding to a halt. Understandable… it was a pretty big story, but they didn’t kill themselves off, did they?

No, it was the Saints inflicting the damage, knocking over the reigning premiers and ending their season. In doing so, the St Kilda Football Club cemented their own place in the top eight and booked their September ticket.

You’d think it might rate more of a mention than as an aside to the collapse of the Cats? Such is life for St Kilda and their supporters in 2023.

The team everyone thought would quietly go away once the whips started cracking did the exact opposite again. They’ll play finals this year. But it wasn’t supposed to play out this way, was it?

People are expecting St Kilda to fall over, still. However, it begs the question – what if they don’t?


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