There’s Always Next Year? Richmond

Around this time of the year, supporters of certain teams drop off. I mean, why would they hang around and watch their team go through the motions of what will end up being a failed season? We’ve probably all been there in some capacity.

I see it reflected in those who are members at our site. Basically, as soon as the Boxing Day test is done and the new year ticks into existence, interest is renewed and hope springs eternal once more. However, at this point of the season, I feel your pain. You’re footy-ed out and you don’t have much impetus to stay engaged. Poor buggers…

Whether you expected your team to bottom out and struggle to post wins, or have watched them tumble down the ladder in horror, the cold, hard facts remain that only eight teams play finals, and plenty are left wondering where it all went wrong.

Given that, time to have a look at who fell over in 2023 and whether we can expect a resurgence in 2024. Where do these teams go from here – up, down, or remain around the same mark?

We’re starting with The Tigers.


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