Austrology… Round 11

For anybody that finds themselves unfamiliar with the widely practised belief of ‘Austrology’, let me break down the basics for you.

Austrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on AFL affairs and the football world. In short, it’s a type of divination that involves the forecasting of football club and personnel’s events through the observation and interpretation of the fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, the planets, my own personal opinions and highlighting the dereliction of reporting within the mainstream media.

The main principles of Austrology are shared and divided into 18 different factions, each rooted deeply with their own history and alligning with a supporter’s own personal character, socioeconomic status and beliefs.

Here at The Mongrel Punt, I, Jimmy Ayres am widely recognised and highly regarded for my official position as internationally elected Ultra-Sublime-Mega-Sensai-Grandmaster-Guru-Neon Knight of the Eternal-Brotherhood of Travelling-Austrology-Guild – and today, I bring you your Horror-Scopes.





Sign: The Black Bird


Constellation: WestLakium-Ricciutoris


Reading: Mark Ricciuto will ride the boundary and provide completely fair and unbiased comments during an Adelaide Crows game.





Sign: The Maned Cat


Constellation: The Brown AkerBlackVoss


Reading: I see more Simon and Garfunkel in the stars. This time it’s Dayne Zorko changing his goal celebration music to their 1968 masterpiece Mrs Robinson as an ode to his mate and former teammate Mitch.

“And here’s to you Mitchell Robinson.

God bless you, please, Mitchell Robinson.

Coo, coo, ca-choo Mitchell Robinson.”





Sign: The Deep


Constellation: Under-Table BrownBaggerus


Reading: Gazing into the recent past, the stars continue to echo similar sounds. Is it Voss and Loss, or Ross the Boss?





Sign: The Swooper


Constellation: Colliwobble CakeWalkium


Reading: A major milestone for a club legend will be proudly acknowledged this weekend. I see stars and stripes.





Sign: Aluminium Clowd


Constellation: Perennialis-Dissapointingus


Reading: A package will be emphatically delivered to Optus Stadium this weekend – It will contain laundry detergent samples.





Sign: The Steel Mirena


Constellation: Barren TrophyCabinordium


Reading: Mrs Brayshaw will have a very tough decision to make this week – Pizza or Fish & Chips on Friday night?





Sign: The Domestic Feline


Constellation: HomeGame Advantoreum


Reading: Both Scott brothers are far too happy at their current coaching jobs. This upsets the balance of the universe. Geelong need to start tanking to fire up their coach and restore things to the correct order.



Gold Coast


Sign: The Burning Star


Constellation: Battle.4 Relevance


Reading: The nails in Damien Hardwick’s coaching coffin will still be warm from hammering when Caroline Wilson suggests he take over from Stewie Dew as Gold Coast coach.





Sign: The Big One


Constellation: BlackTownBlackHole


Reading: All I will say is do NOT let Harry Himmelberg stay in Victoria and experience the state for any longer than absolutely required this weekend. Oh, and don’t feed Toby Greene after midnight.





Sign: The Tony Bird


Constellation: Kennett Komplexium


Reading: A mighty Hawthorn win on the weekend just doesn’t quite feel the same without Jeff Kennett saying something stupid.





Sign: The D-Man


Constellation: Tankingerus Accusation


Reading: When I successfully predicted Clayton Oliver’s hamstring being no good last week, autocorrect accidentally changed it to haircut.



North Melbourne


Sign: The Hopping Marsupial


Constellation: Rattling Tinium


Reading: When things look glum this weekend, just remember that you got away with trading Levi Greenwood to Collingwood for Pick #25!


…which you used on seven-game sensation Daniel Nielson.



Port Adelaide


Sign: The Bolt


Constellation: Albertownium Tarpaulin


Reading: Only three players named Fabian have ever played Australian Football in VFL/AFL/SANFL and all three have played for Port Adelaide. I didn’t see this in the stars, I just found it fascinating.





Sign: The Striped Cat


Constellation: Finishum Ninthorius


Reading: I sense a major transporting change coming at Richmond. Could it be a certain Truck that returned from a certain hangar? Or perhaps it’s all aboard a curiously painted Train, with a few navy blue swatches still evident. Maybe it’ll be Andrew McQualter? Sorry, the stars don’t show me a transportation pun for the name McQualter.



St Kilda


Sign: The Holey One


Constellation: OneCup in-the-Cabinetarium


Reading: The stars won’t decipher whether letting Robert Harvey go to Collingwood as an assistant coach for over a decade and coach the side to three Grand Finals was an attempted power move or an oversight.





Sign: The White Water Bird


Constellation: 81.Pointoreums


Reading: Last minute controversies during a game and the Sydney Football Club go hand in hand like Caroline Wilson and a shit opinion.



West Coast


Sign: The Freedom Bird


Constellation: JuddyLeftus


Reading: I have gazed into the farthest corners of the universe, and I am yet to find a black hole that’s as dark and bleak as West Coast’s near future.





Sign: The Hound


Constellation: MidfieldiusAbundance


Reading: The Bulldogs have historically played more games in Yallourn than Alice Springs. If you’re familiar with the Gippsland Region, you’ll be just as shocked as I was.



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