The New Bull In The Paddock

It’s a phrase you’ll often hear when a lazy analyst studies a game of footy and comes to his conclusions.

“They just wanted it more.”

That’s the line lazy journos trot out when one team displays more desperation and more commitment at the contest than their opponents. 19 times out of 20, this statement is thrown out there by someone who really doesn’t have a lot of takeaways from the game. They watched, and they may have taken notes, but really, their observations lack substance, so this is what they end up going with.

It’s safe, it’s easy, and AFL supporters often give that analyst a pass because – let’s face it – one team always wins, so you can apply that to them without too much backlash.

And then, there is that one time in twenty that the phrase seems to apply perfectly. We saw that one time in the game of Jason Horne-Francis against the Saints.


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