Public Enemy Number One? Bring It On!

Before he even coaches a game for his new/old club, Alastair Clarkson is under siege by an AFL Media contingent out for blood.

Much like Clarkson, himself, those in the AFL Media love to look after their own. Sure, they can make outlandish statements, speak about people as though they are pieces of meat, or cast aspersions on a someone’s character at the drop of a hat, but when someone stands up and fires back…

… oh no, we cannot have that. That’s unprofessional.

Whether it is Mark Robinson labelling him a “bully” or Channel Nine reporter, Elisabeth Moss taking offence to Clarkson stating something akin to “your time will come”, it is looking as though Clarko’s time at North is not going to be smooth sailing, at all.

But he always knew it wouldn’t be. And he took the job, anyway!


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