Geelong v Hawthorn – Match Sim Review

Let’s face it – if you were going to use this match sim as a guide to the 2023 season, you’d be pretty pleased if you were a Geelong supporter.

After the first few minutes of the Hawks attempting to move the footy through the guts with pace, Geelong started to tighten the screws, with their renowned defence closing down Hawthorn’s avenues to goal and the hard-working midfield closing around the Hawks in the middle like lift doors (ode to Dwayne Russell).

For the Hawks, things looked bleak, but you kind of expected that, right? They’re kids, learning the art of the game on the fly against the best in the business.

What we were looking for from their squad was some players standing up and demonstrating that they’ll be pillars to build around.

So, with that in mind, HB sat down to watch the first four quarters of the Geelong v Hawthorn match sim and here are the takeaways.


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