The Freo Amigos

The silence in the AFL Media when it comes to Fremantle at the moment would be enough to infuriate some Docker supporters.

“VICBIAS,” they may cry! They may make mention of it to friends as a point of interest, or rage against it in pubs, workplaces, and on social media. However, the smart ones…

… yes, the smart ones embrace it and enjoy the quiet.


At this time of year, having your team in the news is never a good thing. It’s a bad news factory out there; best to be avoided.

Over the last little while, my news feed has informed me that Zac Williams has done his knee and will not be available to pull on the navy blue for a year, effectively ending the prime of his career as a spectator. The same media has let me know that Port Adelaide recruit, Jason Horne-Francis, limped off the track amid fears he could miss time. It has also informed me that Tarryn Thomas will be taking time away from North Melbourne while his issues are worked through, by the club, the AFL, and perhaps the law.

Yep, when the headlines about your club involve such hard-hitting stories such as where Nat Fyfe could play in the upcoming season, and how Luke Jackson is settling in, you definitely take it – life must be good if they can’t dig something negative up to report on.

And so it is with the Fremantle Dockers right about now.


Uh oh… standalone content for our Fremantle Docker members…. because I like them. Actually, I don’t mind all of you, this one just happens to be for them, though. And maybe you as well, if you like the Three Amigos. Want to join us?

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