Ordinary Joe

If I asked you to rate the career of Joe Daniher to date out of ten, what number would you give it?

I asked this question of my fellow Mongrel writers recently and found that I had to revise the question and deliver it in two parts to get a more accurate set of answers. I came up with the following.

On a scale of one to ten, where does Joe Daniher’s career rate when compared with other key forwards currently in the league? And the second part; on a scale of one to ten, how does Daniher’s career rate when compared with the potential he displayed through his first five years in the game?

On the first point, I was a little harsher than my fellow writers – they seemed to hover around six out of ten. And I am assuming the best forward in the league would be Tom Hawkins, particularly if we’re looking at the last few years. I had Joe at a five.

In terms of the second question, I was relieved to see them assess him just as harshly as I had, with the highest score he received being a three.

On average, writers from The Mongrel Punt had Joe Daniher rated as 5.75 as compared to the best forwards in the game, which given the most recent season would be Tom Hawkins, Jeremy Cameron, Tom Lynch, and Charlie Curnow. So just over half as good.

In terms of how he has delivered on his potential, we had him as a collective 2.75. So, he has delivered just over a quarter of what the writers expected from him.

I’m concerned about Joe Daniher and the way he goes about his footy. I am also concerned as to how that impacted the teams he plays on, and how it could impact them going forward.


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