Who’s Playing Where In 2024? The Mongrel Look At Trade/Free Agency Rumours

There are still five games of footy to be played in the 2023 AFL Finals Series. Six teams remain alive and the flag is up for grabs.

However, for many clubs and their supporters, the focus is already shifting to what they can do to improve their lists. The Draft is one way of fixing it, but it is a long haul in terms of list building and some clubs, particularly those who believe they have a chance to contend soon, are looking more for a quick fix.

And that’s where things start getting interesting.

Around this time of year, we start hearing rumours and those rumours quickly become fact. Players who were putting off their contract negotiations are now suddenly asking for trades, meanwhile, other players are facing the cold, hard truth that their days in the league may be numbered. And with that comes a whole heap of speculation and chatter.

I’ll try to cut through the crap for you.


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