Villains – Jack Ginnivan

Okay, okay… right off the bat I will admit that the title is wrong. Compared to the others in this series – all seasoned veterans of football with hundreds… thousands of combined games behind them, their records place them far above a man with just 28 games to his name.

Jack Ginnivan is not a superstar. We all know that. Not yet, anyway. He is a young man who has made a name for himself at Collingwood over the past two seasons, but he is a long way from being hailed as one of the best the game has seen.

But hey, the series is called Superstar Villains and I am not changing it for one entry – get over it.

Despite his relative infancy in the game, he made just as many headlines as the most celebrated players in the game in 2022.

However, have those headlines largely been for the wrong reasons?


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