R17 – GWS v Carlton – Mongrel Talking Points

What a game at Engie Stadium, as the Blues jumped the Giants and had many thinking they were about to head on their merry way once again, and record another win.

But there is a bit more to this Giants team in 2024 than a group that’ll go quietly into the night. We may not have seen much of it over the past couple of months, but the team that blasted through the league to end 2023, and started the 2024 season in the same fashion, is still there, and they just needed someone to wake them up.

And an eight-goal first quarter from the Blues seemed to do the trick! Maybe it was the kick in the ass they needed? Maybe being treated like a cellar dweller by the Blues hurt their pride?

I don’t know what was said to the GWS players at quarter time, but it was like the teams swapped jumpers as they re-took their positions. Cal Ward, Jesse Hogan, and Toby Bedford all stepped to the fore as the Giants came roaring back over the next hour of footy, taking a 39-point deficit, and turning it into a 38-point lead of their own.

Carlton, as Carlton now do, continued to fight, and with a couple of minutes remaining, there was a chance – a Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber type of chance – of pinching a win, but the Giants managed to hold them off to record an important win.

It was a belter of a game; one in which both sides had significant momentum at times, and importantly, were able to do the hard work and wrest it away.

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s Talking Points


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