The Next Big Thing – Freo’s Best-Kept Secret

No one is celebrated in the league like a good key forward.

They’re the ones slotting the big goals, taking the big marks, and bowling blokes over as they attack the footy. Well, some of them, anyway.

In recent seasons, we’ve seen some of the “next big things” do the opposite of bowling blokes over with their attack on the footy. Players like Todd Marshall, Ben and Max King, and Nick Larkey have had good seasons – hell, Larkey’s 2023 was borderline fantastic – but they have not been physically imposing, despite being mature bodies and number one targets on their team.

However, all is not lost when it comes to the traditional contested marking forwards.

Harry McKay has returned to form, and his pairing with Charlie Curnow averages almost five contested grabs between them. Jesse Hogan is clunking marks, and Jake Waterman has displayed that he was a key forward in-waiting for years behind the Josh Kennedy/Jack Darling duo.

But there is one bloke in purple who is starting to turn heads, and if you have not been following the trajectory of Josh Treacy’s career to this point, it is time you opened your eyes and took notice of the next big thing out West.



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