The Winners and Losers of Round Ten

You know the deal by now – five winners and five losers from the most recent round of footy.

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s winners and losers from Round Ten.





There are two things that people judge you on – reputation and character.

Reputation is who people think you are. It precedes you. Character is who you are. It’s what you do and how you act – it is the evidence that confirms or refutes reputation.

Harley Reid has come into the AFL with a huge reputation, but it has been his character, his ability to absorb the heat, and his incredible hunger for the contest that has established him, and his Eagles as must-watch TV in the 2024 AFL season.

It takes something special to live up to the hyperbole of being the number one pick, but Reid has delivered more than anyone has expected. The AFL is his oyster.

He is the real deal.



I’m seeing something I love in The Chad, at the moment. It is something that the league needs more of.

He is a player who has come to understand just how good he is, and he is openly challenging the opposition to stop him. He grabs the footy, and when confronted with one, or even two opposition players, his first instinct is to think “I can beat these two.”

And the great thing is… he does beat them!

He stiff-arms, sidesteps, and burns off opponents at will, and in a team of stars, his play stood out head and shoulders above all others on the weekend.



Let’s have a look at what that bastion of AFL journalism had to say about Pendles just a month or so ago.

How’d that age, Kane-o?

Also, LOL at the spelling of “horror”. I thought we were bad… Channel Nine website making us look good!

It’s a pretty safe bet to place your money on Father Time – he has never lost. However, sometimes you can go a little too early, particularly when you’re dealing with a champion.

At 36 years of age, Pendles wound back the clock, notching 30 touches, kicking two goals, and adding a couple of goal-assists in a best-on-ground performance against the Crows. Not only will he continue to play this year, he will probably go around again in 2025, given the way he has bounced back from early-season injury niggles.

Write him off again at your own peril.



McKay has just notched his seventh win as a Bomber.

The most he ever managed in one season as a Kangaroo was four.

You think he might be pretty pleased with his decision to leave?

McKay’s name would have to be in All-Australian calculations at this point, having owned his contest against former teammate, Nick Larkey on the weekend, and the Bombers would have to be absolutely thrilled with what they’re getting from their new defensive pillar. And the best part?

They have Jordan Ridley nearing his return, and I thought Ridley would be the biggest beneficiary of the McKay recruitment.



Another week, another victim.

But this week wasn’t just any victim – this was Sam F’n Walsh!

Since his return to the team, Walsh had averaged 33.4 disposals per game. Jordon held him to just 20 in this one, taking away one of the Blues’ most reliable offensive weapons. And the fact that Jordon was able to do that whilst not following Walsh into centre bounces makes it all the more impressive.

Two Swans in the five winners?

Yeah, well there is a reason they’re the top team in the league, people.





This loss is on you, Sam.

All the run, all the momentum, all the play, and a bloke playing up forward who has five goals to his name? What did Sam Mitchell do with Blake Hardwick?

Threw him behind the ball…

What a mistake!

And Will Day?

Had him behind the ball, too. Basically, everyone was behind the ball, which meant the Hawks were no chance to score.

The Hawthorn coach tried to save a game that didn’t need saving. The Hawks had it there to win, and opted to play safe, conservative footy. It cost them four points, and wasted a golden opportunity to pick up a valuable road win for his young team to bank.

Mitchell is a brilliant football brain, but he got things wrong in this one. Very wrong.



Imagine inheriting the remnants of a premiership list, looking at who you have available and thinking “we could make finals with this bunch.”

That’s what Adem Yze was likely pondering to start the 2024 season. And then the 2024 season happened and things went awry very quickly.

The Richmond injury list has left Yze with a shell of a squad to choose from, and every week, things look even more grim.

This was not what he signed up for.



This is like shooting fish in a barrel.

“They won’t pick him.” – Sam McClure – 2023.

Remember that?

And that’s all we have to say on that matter.



He must have thought it was a final?

Without Tom Hawkins and Jeremy Cameron to lean on, much was expected of Rohan leading into this game. he had to stand up and give the Geelong mids a target inside fifty. Just had to.

Did he?

Well, the short answer is no. He got out the back once for a cheap goal, but he picked up nine of his 12 touches and that goal once the game was all but over.

The lesson here – don’t trust Gary Rohan.



We’re getting to the point these blokes could be included every week. It almost doesn’t matter which combination they use, at the moment.

Ben Brown and Harrison Petty combined for eight disposals, one mark, and one goal on the weekend, completely dominated at their positions.

With Tom McDonald in defence, Jacob van Rooyen on the sidelines with a concussion, and Josh Schache not really an option (ever!), the form of the tall forwards is not a new problem for the club, but it is a pretty bloody big one.


And I didn’t want to add this in any category, but the situation with Ollie Wines is just horrible. I feel for the bloke so much – Brownlow in 2021 and from that point on, the issues with his heart have just brought him back to the pack. I hope there is a way around this for him, but more than that, I just hope he is able to get things right and live a long, healthy life without having to worry about his heart every day for the rest of his life.

All the best, Ollie.


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