The Best Way To Skin A Cat?

Have you heard the talking heads this week?

They’re astounded!


Stunned by the way Jed McEntee was able to curb the influence of Tom Stewart as Port Adelaide picked up the rarest of all wins, downing the Cats at Kardinia Park.

These blokes either have such a narrow focus on one player, or they’re just neglecting to acknowledge that several teams have played a defensive forward on key defensive weapons this season – one even tried it against Stewart earlier this very season.

Of course, Luke Pedlar and Matthew Nicks are still probably having nightmares about the way Stewart dismissed their defensive tactics as though they were annoying insects, swatting them away and going about his business.

But as we enter Round Ten, we are now at a stage where the “experts” believe that Stewart will come in for the same treatment he received at the hands of McEntee on a regular basis, like it hasn’t been tried before.


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