The Prophet’s Predictions – Round Six

Round Five was good for some teams, but not so good for others. We saw some cracking games, some controversy (a certain Prophet might have predicted there could be some chaos), and further inconsistency from the AFL. As we head into Round Six, I’m the Prophet and these are my Predictions.

If you decide to base your multi off this, and it fails, I’ve warned you already that that is risky. I won’t be to blame. This is purely for fun, and to see how I go. Feel free to message the page or comment on the previous week’s version if you have any thoughts.


So, strap yourselves in for the Prophet’s Predictions for Round Six.


The Guarantee

Super Saturday will deliver.

This might seem like a no-brainer and an unadventurous call, yet, on paper, it should be a day of classics. Pies v Power at the MCG, Carlton v GWS at Marvel, Brisbane v Geelong at the GABBA, and even, with West Coast’s improved output, the Western Derby, should bring all of us some high quality, enthralling football. Strap yourselves in.


The Ultimate Nightmare (Worst Case Scenario)

Every score in a game gets reviewed. This might sound ridiculous – and it’s kind of meant to be – but the review system is farcical at the moment. Goal umpires won’t back themselves, field umpires don’t trust the goal umpires, and everyone is scared of human error. Just play the game, trust your eyesight, and let’s not continue to hold up the game. Also, AFL, direct umpires after a goal to take the ball to the centre circle. Goals are automatically reviewed and can be called back. We lose so much time because of it and it leads commentators to saying the game is too long and needs to be shorter … cut down the reviews, and we’re all good.


The Outsider (unexpected winner)

The Essendon Edge seems to work at Marvel. This week, they travel to Adelaide and face a Crows team that, on form, they should beat. However, given the Crows have remembered how to win, and Essendon still figuring out how to bring that edge across state lines, don’t be surprised if the Crom get the win under Friday Night lights.


The Money Maker (Bold Call)

North need more bang from Harry Sheezel’s buck! Yes, I said it. Sheezel was good last week, with his 38 disposals. However, that amounted to just five score involvements. You might say that’s good for North, and maybe it is, but if he’s to really live up to the hype, then he needs to have more influence on a game, and not just cheap out the back disposals, or lots of short kicks. He has all the talent in the world. I’d love to see him be more adventurous, and be coached to be more adventurous. This might help North to move the ball quicker and find the scoreboard a bit easier.


Most at Stake (Vulnerable)

The result for both teams tonight is huge. If the Saints win, life gets much more difficult for the Dogs, who are already under pressure. However, if the Dogs win, it could be a launch pad for them, and leaves questions on the Saints.

The same can be said for Brisbane. They come up against the undefeated Cats. Now, Brisbane should go in favourites being at the GABBA and their return to form. However, they are 0-2 at home. It’s a nightmare scenario for them to go 0-3 at home.


The Must Watch (match up or game)

Most games this week are intriguing. It’d be easy to look at Super Saturday, or Thursday or Friday Night, but I’m looking at the early Sunday game – Swans v Suns – with a lot of curiosity. The Suns have form taking it to the Swans and leaving the SCG with the four points. Sydney need to win to reaffirm their Premiership credentials, and if the Suns win, well, they take a scalp and entrench themselves in the top 8.

Also, low-key, tonight I’m keen to see Harvey Gallagher and Darcy Wilson face-off. Two young blokes starting their careers well. It should be fun to watch.


The Unexpected (underdog performance)

I wanted to suggest the West Coast forwards, but I’m not sure how successful they will be against an in form Fremantle defence. So, I’ll go with Nick Larkey. He’s a good player, so, probably not really an underdog, but he hasn’t started 2024 super well. He needs to get his aggression for the contest back, and against a Hawks team who are struggling as well, it could be the opportunity Larkey needs to fill his boots and regain some confidence that kick starts his season.


The Don (player of the round)

I’m expecting a Toby Greene flex this week. He’s been good, not great, thus far. And the Giants remain undefeated. After a challenge last week, and a big game on Saturday, I reckon the Giants skipper might just don the cape and have a day out.


The Underboss (rookie of the round)

This will likely backfire – not just because I’m predicting it, but because they may not retain their place – but with Tom Hawkins returning, and a strong Cats forward setup, Shannon Neale has a chance to capitalise on that return and the support by stretching the Lions defence. I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t play, but if he does, he’s good for another 3+ goals.


Individual Brilliance (predicting a stat accomplishment like x goals or marks)

Given Josh Dunkley’s comments mid-week about umpiring players who fling their head back, combined with the good bloke clause enabling Charlie Cameron to play this weekend (which he should be, but the precedent set is dumb), plus the Cats unlikely to have a defender to cover him, I expect we will hear Country Roads at least times this weekend.


The Winners (currently on 34)

Western Bulldogs




Geelong (will keep tipping until they lose)





There are a number of genuine 50-50’s this week. There’s four or five games that could genuinely go either way. If you get 8 this week, you’ve done well!

These predictions were all made with only Thursday Night teams released. Drop us your thoughts in the comments and stay tuned over the coming weeks to see how the Prophet goes with his predictions.


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