Rolling All-Australian Team – Post Round Four

As the footy world takes a breath post an epic week converging on Adelaide, the Prophet has been scouring the games, looking at stats, and gauging the general vibes check about different players. There have been career revivals, unexpected performers, and some of the stars continuing to enhance their legacies each and every week. So, what does the team look like?

I’m glad you’ve asked. While the AFL Team and their so-called expert panel who pick a team of midfielders, at the Mongrel Punt, we value players who are the role players, who excel at what they are picked to do, and celebrate those who dominate their position. So, I am endeavouring to pick players in the position they spend most of their time.

Some players will inevitably miss out – especially midfielders. I may or may not justify my decisions, but know that I have picked this 23 and could have picked a second side with the names left out. So, I expect this will be a side that has changes at various points as I seek to bring the collective best 23, by position, at the conclusion of the 2024 season.


Here is what the team looked like at the culmination of Round Two:

FB: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher Sam Taylor Will Powell

HB: Tom Stewart Steven May Nick Blakey

C: Errol Gulden Tom Green Bailey Scott

HF: Gryan Miers Harry McKay Tom Papley

FF: Brent Daniels Jesse Hogan Isaac Heeney

Foll: Max Gawn Clayton Oliver Caleb Serong

Int: Marcus Bontempelli Matthew Rowell Zak Butters Bayley Fritsch Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera


What has changed? Who is now more firmly entrenched? There have been a lot of compelling arguments about different players, and I even recognise that the first team was a little too midfielder-heavy, so, like Anakin was supposed to, I will endeavour to bring balance to the force.

I guess I should stop stalling and dragging this out. *cue drum roll* here’s the Mongrel Punt’s Rolling All-Australian Team following Round Four.


FB: Brandon Zerk-Thatcher  Sam Taylor  Nick Vlaustin

HB: Tom Stewart  Steven May  Nick Blakey

C: Errol Gulden  Tom Green  Josh Daicos

HF: Gryan Miers  Harry McKay  Tom Papley

FF: Brent Daniels  Jesse Hogan  Bayley Fritsch

Foll: Max Gawn  Isaac Heeney  Caleb Serong

Int: Marcus Bontempelli  Alex Pearce  Connor Rozee  Callum Brown  Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera


Seven changes to this side after a two-week period. It might seem a lot, but I think it leads to a very balanced side – short of a natural second ruckman, which was pointed out last time. McKay could pinch-hit if this team had to play.

Of the seven changes, two (Heeney & Fritsch) retain their place, just in a different position. The other changes are justified based upon form, others in the side tapering slightly, and to ensure the bench isn’t filled with midfielders.

Defensively, when you look at the numbers Nick Vlaustin is putting up, it’s easy to see why he has come in. But it’s not just the numbers. He holds the inexperienced defence together and has been a key figure in their last two, improved performances. Alex Pearce is a no-brainer coming into the side, on the bench.

Bailey Scott drifts out of the side, replaced by Josh Daicos. He and Gulden are probably locked for the wing spots already.

While we can talk about how unlucky the likes of Matt Rowell and Zak Butters are, one needed to drop for a forward, and Rozee is in a richer vein of form than Butters. Not to diminish what Zak has done, but Rozee has taken to being a skipper like Billy Brownless takes to a frothie!

You might be wondering who Callum Brown is, or which side he plays for. Well, I encourage you to tune in to any match featuring the, ah, orange team, as they’ve been called, to find out. Brown has been fantastic for the Giants thus far in 2024 and is a smoky choice, but I’m happy with it.


Honourable Mentions:
A trio of Cats are in the frame. Jeremy Cameron, Ollie Henry, and Zach Guthrie could mount cases to be in the side. Cameron is just elite at what he does. Realistically, the only reason he’s not in the side is his wayward goal-kicking. If he gets that right, it’s probably only a matter of time. Ollie Henry is becoming a very consistent, and very important player for the Cats. He has a big engine, takes a big mark, and you can count on him to hit the scoreboard. He does all the things you want of a third-tall forward. And Zach Guthrie. Well, he’s a victim of so many other defenders having stand-out years. He has continued to develop into a very good intercept defender, but also as a lockdown defender. He’s not someone that immediately springs to mind for most when talking about the Cats defence, but Cats fans know what he offers.

I know I copped it last week for no Luke Jackson, but Max Gawn is becoming an immovable object, and others are making it difficult to include him. He remains firmly in the frame.

Probably the most unlucky this time around is the Dees’ Christian Petracca. There are probably some mids I could remove, add him, and no-one would bat an eyelid. He’s probably a victim of his own lofty standards. The incumbents have remained at a high level. Until they falter, Trac will have to bide his time.

The other one to keep an eye on is Jack Steele. The Saints skipper is criminally underrated in many circles. He’s hard at the footy, wins it, and is definitely one of those leaders you’d walk taller playing alongside. He’s a big reason why the Saints continue to grow and develop.

Let us know your team, or who you’d replace and why – don’t just blindly change it because someone in your team wasn’t picked.

Stay tuned for more from The Mongrel Punt, and for additional reasons to tell me I must not watch footy because you don’t like the team I’ve selected.


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