R3 – Melbourne v Port Adelaide – The Big Statements

As the margin closed to less than a goal at three-quarter time, you could just sense that we were in for a cracker of a last quarter.

Melbourne and Port Adelaide had just concluded three quarters of hard, gutsy, contested footy, and it felt as though we’d just got through the entrée. The final quarter was set to be the main course, and I was ready to dig in.

And, after another thirty minutes of pulsating contested footy, it was the Dees standing tall, winning the crucial contests and making the most of their chances. If you didn’t leave this game feeling completely satisfied, my guess is either you weren’t paying attention, or you barrack for Port.

That is not a shot at Port Adelaide supporters, by the way. Not at all. This team had their chances to win, and for a while looked like the better side. However, they failed to convert in a contest where they won the majority of the stats, including one that should dictate most results – marks inside 50.

Port had 14 to the Dees’ seven, as they took advantage of half of the Lever/May combination  not being present. However, Melbourne did what Port could not, and made the most of their chances. A lovely set shot goal from Bayley Fritsch in the last quarter emphasised the value of the straight kicking. Melbourne did it. Port did not, and the Power would be kicking themselves after letting this one slip.

That is not to discredit the work of the Demons. In hostile territory, they clawed and fought to ensure they never fell away, and then, in a last quarter flurry, launched a blistering counter-attack to draw clear and win the game.

It was a knock-down, drag out affair, with players on both teams stepping up when the game was on the line – even those who looked to be having dirty days rose to the occasion.

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s Big Statements in one of the better Melbourne wins you’ll find.



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