Stopping The Tsunami – The 2024 Version

I’ve been doing a bit of research on tsunamis over the last couple of days, wondering whether there are ways to prevent them. Seriously, it’s been the only time this year Mrs Mongrel has thought I was doing something worthwhile.

When I told her what In was reading about, she actually stopped what she was doing and listened. That never happens.

However, if I was looking at ways to try to prevent them, I finished my reading feeling disappointed.

The following is taken from the United States’ National Weather Service.

There is no season for tsunamis. We cannot predict where, when, or how destructive the next tsunami will be. Tsunamis cannot be prevented.

Did you hear that, AFL Clubs?


Sure, Richmond were able to do it when they were at their absolute best (2017 and 2019) but that was the Leon Cameron version of the orange tsunami. This is the Adam Kingsley version.

Bigger. Better. Badder.

When Kingsley took over the Giants to begin the 2023 season, he openly stated that his side were going to embrace the tsunami style of play the Giants had employed to take them to the cusp of footy glory. He left no question as to what his game plan was going to be. He had an elite defensive pairing at his disposal, in Sam Taylor and the emerging Jack Buckley, and with a plethora of runners to deploy around them, the GWS coach saw what could be.

As with a regular tsunami, many didn’t see it coming until it was too late.


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