AAMI Series – GWS v Gold Coast Review – Members Value Add

What would you like to see from your team in one of these games?

I ask this question, because I reckon it largely dictates how you’re feeling about your club’s chances in 2024. Particularly if you are a Gold Coast supporter today.

Do you want the boys to go through the motions, get structures right, experiment a bit, and look forward to Round One? I think we all have a bit of that about us at this time of year.

But do you also wish to see some of the players display a bit of passion? A bit of pride in the jumper? A bit of mongrel? In any game – scratch match, AAMI Series, Home and Away games… you need to see a little grunt from your team; enough to make you comfortable enough that when the whips are cracking, you know there are players who will stand up.

In watching the Gold Coast Suns take on the GWS Giants, we saw a contrast in the way the two sides played the game. They were chalk and cheese in terms of desperation and hard work, and it was likely a real eye-opener for the new Gold Coast coach.


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