AAMI Series – Collingwood v Richmond – Mongrel Takeaways

As we continued to roll through the first quarter, it looked as though the Tigers were well and truly up for the fight. Peppering the goals, they did all the attacking and completely owned territory.

It was impressive. Richmond were harder and a little more slick than their opponents in that span, and it seemed as though the table was being set for a rather tasty Tiger feast.

Only they failed to do the most important thing; they failed to finish off their work.

The Pies took a while to find their feet, but once they did, you could almost sense that they were going to make the Tigers pay for their inaccuracy. Had this been a home and away clash, you would be able to hear the lamentations of the Richmond fans, ruing their missed chances.

It will be a theme that will no doubt play out over the course of the season – when you face the Magpies, you must make every post a winner. Missing the way Richmond did in that first quarter left the door wide open. Collingwood barged on through and went on to win comfortably.

In many ways, it was a classic Collingwood game. Let’s get into the details.


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