Play On – The Sam Powell-Pepper Hit

How would you like to be Sam Powell-Pepper at the moment?

I mean, sure… I’d like an AFL salary, and I sure as hell could use his fitness base, but in terms of his actions in the match sim on Friday evening… he doesn’t have the best timing in the world, does he?

It was a Showdown – a watered down version of one, yes, but whenever Port and Adelaide lock horns, there is always a bit of genuine feeling. It isn’t the best rivalry in the AFL for nothing.

About halfway through the first quarter, Port were fighting their way into the contest after the Crows got the jump, and as Willie Rioli tackled Mark Keane in a slinging motion, Sam Powell-Pepper, coming the other way, collected him with a shoulder. And the cries for suspension commenced.

You know me by now… I side with the player under scrutiny 99 times out of 100. In a practice game, I am just not sold that Sam Powell-Pepper went out to hurt Mark Keane.

However, in the current climate, that not might not matter.


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