St Kilda v Essendon Match Sim – Members Value Add Review

Coming into the match sims this week, this was one I was most looking forward to. Both the Saints and Bombers promise much heading into the 2024 season, with St Kilda looking to build on their impressive 2023 season, and the Bombers stocking up on the type of talent needed to bolster the line up to have a crack at finals.

However, coming away from this game, I am sure the hopes of Saints fans will be buoyed, whilst those of the Bombers supporters will be dashed.

It is humbling to have your backside comprehensively handed to you in the first competitive hit out of the year. It hits home and shines a light on the work you’ve done in the pre-season as compared to that of the opposition. Whilst I am sure the conversations at Tullamarine will be about tweaking this and refining that, there were moments in this outing that were simply not up to scratch.

As for the Saints, well it seems as though what we saw in 2023 was just the entrée, and we may be preparing for the main course in 2024. The Saints were sharp, ran in waves, and were always there to back up their teammates whenever they found themselves in trouble.

But enough of that – let’s jump into the nitty gritty as we explore the highlights, lowlights, and everything in between in our match sim review for members. If you’re a Saints fan… might be a good time to join.


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