A Trip To Moorabbin To Look At The Stars

Ah, Moorabbin. Not the first place you think of when you wish to go stargazing, but on a lovely Friday morning, there were plenty about, for those who cared to look.

There will come a point in the 2024 AFL season where the experts rock back in their chairs, exhale through pursed lips, and glance across the commentary box at each other, wondering whether they’ve just seen the birth of a star.

They give it voice, as well, but there is a look these blokes exchange prior that is almost acknowledging it might be something more than just a player doing something special before any of them have a chance to state it. Whether it be a one-handed pick up on the run before hitting a target upfield, a decisive win in a body-to-body clash that really should have gone the way of the more experienced player, or a young player repeatedly getting the better of a seasoned opponent, moments tend to occur that leave avid footy watchers in no doubt as to the level of talent on display.

The question then remains – what is the ceiling for these players?

At St Kilda in 2023, Ross Lyon found himself with quite a bit of talent to play with. Despite losing talls hand over fist before the season commenced, he headed into Round One with a team that few believed in.

He believed in them, however. He was right to believe in them. They were great.


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