Members Value Add – West Coast Intraclub Review

I love this time of year – you get to find things out about clubs via their intraclub hit outs.

Who is playing where? Which players have elevated their games? Which kid looks the goods? The intraclub games show you plenty. This is where Nic Martin made his early statement before going on to become a mainstay in the Essendon line up. Some dismiss these hit outs as glorified circle work. Let them.

If you want to know the ins and outs of a club and where players sit in the pecking order, this is where you find out.

The Eagles fronted up with sides that both emphasised how good their top tier can be, and how little depth they have in the next group of players. They commenced with two full quarters of match sim and were due to add either a third and fourth quarter, or a condensed second half once the hit out was completed. The live stream covered the first half and so will this review, to be updated once the second half is released.

But there was plenty to see for Eagles fans in the first half, alone.

Let’s jump in.


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