The 2024 All-Mongrel Index


So, this was supposed to be an easy task. Go on, HB… just list the top twenty players with genuine mongrel in their game heading into the 2024 season.

Yeah, easy right?

And as the list expanded out to 50+ players, it suddenly became a little less easy and leaving some players out just felt wrong. Still, I’d mad the commitment; I had to see it through.

I knew going into this that there will be some conjecture. I mean, what I consider having mongrel in their game might not be what you consider. In a way, it’s like movies – some of the stuff I like, you’d likely turn your nose up at (I like 1980s comedies, before the world got a little too serious, but others say they’re exploitative. I know that… it’s part of why I like them!)

I’m not looking for blokes who run around sniping or anything like that – a list of the mongrels in the game doing that would have been easy to put together in the 80s.

No, I am looking at mongrel as an absolute positive in this regard – something a player either instinctively has, or absolutely doesn’t. It may cause them to play on the edge, give away the occasional free kick, or even prompt a physical response from an opponent – I have to admit… I bloody love players like that. They give the game a little spice in an age where the league seems to want to serve up plain jasmine rice.

So, without any further yapping, I present to you the top 20 mongrel players heading into 2024, with our Mongrel Index.



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