Does Charlie Curnow Owe The Blues One?

There is not much Charlie Curnow hasn’t done since his triumphant return from injury.

After a brief run back in the team toward the end of the 2021 season, Curnow knuckled down and did the hard work to get his body right. His 2021 games were underwhelming – he was a player attempting to find his way back and re-establish confidence. And he played like it, too.

Playing just four games across the entirety of the 2020–21 seasons, there were some serious concerns about Curnow’s long-term health, as repeated injuries to his knees had many Carlton supporters on the fence about whether we’d really get to see him at his best.

He’d tantalised with glimpses in 2019 – his seven goals against the Western Bulldogs set tongues wagging, but the ensuing two seasons saw nothing but disappointment. Nothing but doubt.

2022 vanquished the fears of the Carlton faithful, with Curnow slotting 64 goals to take home his first Coleman Medal, and giving the Blues the second of three consecutive Coleman Medal winners. He repeated the dose in 2023, with a bigger, better season, as he slotted 78 goals in the home and away season. He went from potential superstar to legitimate superstar. Heading into the finals, the world seemed to be Curnow’s oyster.

Ever eaten a bad oyster?

It doesn’t end well.



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