The Next Stars in the AFL Sky

A few years back, we looked at players like Connor Rozee, Oscar Allen, and Caleb Serong, wondering whether they’d take the next step and become stars of the competition.

Now, Rozee is the new Port Adelaide captain, Oscar Allen stood up and proved he can be the number one forward for the Eagles, and  Serong is the reigning Doig Medallist at Fremantle. They’ve made it and will be the faces of their respective clubs for years, but what about the group of players ready to take the next step?

As part of prepping for our monster season previews (starting in a little over a week), I have been looking at where the improvement comes from for each team. Usually, teams that jump out of the box get a huge lift from players who make the leap from “handy kid” to outstanding star of the game.

And it got me wondering who the top players would be who haven’t made the big step just yet.

Here’s who I came up with.


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