Uncrowned Greatness – Is 2024 The Year Of Jacob Weitering?

As we look at the league and the great players contained within, you’ll always find some who lack the wider recognition they deserve.

For years, Nick Vlastuin has been a star for Richmond, floating across packs to intercept and putting his body on the line… sometimes much to his detriment, as we saw in the 2020 Grand Final. Turning 30 in April, he will likely finish his career with no All-Australian selections to his name, but it does not diminish what he has meant to that team.

You have Stephen Coniglio – one of the most prolific midfielders in the game, who had a career-best year in 2023. Yet, there was hardly a peep about him in the lead-up to the AA selections.

In many cases, players being overlooked is due to the intense competition for places in the AFL’s team of the year, but there are some players who just seem to be perennially snubbed, no matter how well they play.

And chief amongst that crew is Jacob Weitering.



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