The Best Defenders of the Last Four Seasons

For the past four seasons, we’ve been compiling the best defenders in the league as part of our annual Defensive Player of the Year Award.

The annual winners are as follows

2020 – Luke Ryan

2021 – Jacob Weitering

2022 – James Sicily

2023 – Harris Andrews

It got me to thinking… who were the best-performed defenders over that entire period? Who would you back?

Is it the consistent, unobtrusive defence of the Blues’ Weitering? Is it the intercepting and rebounding of Luke Ryan in Freo? Or is the contest-killing exploits of Harris Andrews enough to carry him to be the number one defender of the past four years?

Or perhaps it could be one of the blokes who hasn’t taken home a DPOY Award thus far? Tom Stewart has been incredibly consistent, Sam Taylor has emerged as a wonderful key position player, and Jack Sinclair’s emergence as a running defender has been a revelation.

I am writing this section before crunching the numbers, so it’ll be a surprise for both of us. Let’s jump in.


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