The Richmond Tigers and the Prophets of Doom

With the Tigers falling away at the tail end of the 2023 season, and the lack of draft capital the club possesses this year, having no first-round pick for the second-straight season, there are some predicting that we are about to see Richmond tumble down the ladder. Josh Jenkins even stated they are a contender to finish on the bottom.

Richmond finished 13th this year, so there are those who believe the fall has already commenced, but in a tight race for the top eight, the Tigers were still in the hunt with a few rounds to go. They ended up two games short of a finals berth. We may be speaking about this club in very different terms but for a couple of close losses.

Do these negative opinions carry any weight, or are they just another bunch of talking heads spouting off whatever they can to get a rise out of supporters? Time to have a look at where the Tigers are at, and where they could be.


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