Legacies On The Line

How do we remember the teams that walk off the MCG as losers on the last day in September? How do we remember the individuals who failed to perform?

For some, the road to redemption starts immediately and ends roughly 365 days later when they correct the errors of the season past. The Eagles of 2006, the Cats of 2009, and the Hawks of 2013 are the most recent to take their Grand Final loss in stride and use that to propel them to greatness the very next year.

However, since 2013, a loss in the Grand Final has not thrust that team back into contention the following season. The vanquished have largely remained as that, save for Geelong, who took two years to correct things, taking home the 2022 flag after falling to the Tigers in 2020.

When we look at the competing teams in the 2023 Grand Final, it is this game that will go a long way to deciding the legacy these groups leave. As much as it is only one game, it is THE game that will define these teams and each and every player on the field. How did they respond when the lights were at their brightest?

For some, it could be the start of their legacy. For others, it could be the last chance they get to correct theirs.


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