On A Knife’s Edge – The Forward Battle Within The Collingwood v GWS Clash

Sometimes it can be difficult to look at a sports page without being assaulted by a story about Collingwood. Hell, even when they’re losing, those who sell newspapers or get paid to generate clicks for advertisers know which teams will draw the numbers. In Victoria, it’s Collingwood, Essendon, Carlton, and Richmond – they’re a newspaper’s bread and butter.

This season, they’ll find something to write about the Pies if they have to… much like it seems I have done.

Yet, for all the news coverage the Pies have received in 2023, and every year if we’re being honest, there is a distinct lack of attention to those slotting goals for the mob in black and white. For a team that ranked fourth in points scored, they barely seem to rate a mention compared to the numbers generated by some of the big names in the competition.

And maybe that’s a good thing.



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