HB – Back FROM The Future

Well, it’s been a long while – for me, anyway. To you, it may seem Luke I never left. However, I am glad to be back in the year 2023 to report to you all on the events of my recent trip.

Unlike most footy bogans, I didn’t head to Bali. No, I decided on something a little more left-field – like the future. Yes, not that I want those ASIO blokes knocking on the door again anytime soon, but possessing a time-travelling device is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, it has allowed me to make the occasional side bet here and there to line my pockets, and it has taught me to avoid Nathan Brown’s multis at all costs (even ten years in the future, the prick still hasn’t got one right), but it has also given me perspective.

Some of this, I will share with you.

Punters, I am sorry, but this will not be a betting advice column. I can’t have you all jumping on board and ruining the odds for future me. Instead, I will be giving an update on the state of the game in 2033 and how the AFL has changed. I’m sure some of it will seem far-fetched to you, but to that I not only thumb my nose, but I also point out that ten years ago, being reported for good, hard tackles or attempting to smother a footy would have been laughed at by those involved in the game, right?

Food for thought.

So, basically, you can use this as your guide for things to expect in the game you love… or used to love over the next decade.


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