Geelong v Port Adelaide – Timeline

Trigger warning – written by a Geelong supporter live at the game. Don’t say you weren’t warned


This Mongrel is a passionate Cats fan, to say the least. I was always attending this match with my brother when old HB came knocking asking for someone to cover the game. So, in solid mongrel fashion I said “F*£$ It! We’ll do it live!”.

Thus, the lived game and ground experience of this Mongrel at GMHBA stadium was born. It’s short  it’s one-sided, and it’s mixed in with some beverages.

So here it is, as written on the night.


Parked the car at a friend’s place a little under a km from the ground. It’s a slow walk as both my brother and I are sore from playing local football during the day.

We had tickets for the top of the players stand, for a proper bird’s eye view of the action, but a knee injury to me scuttled any hope of ascending so many stairs. They would have become a literal stairway to heaven as I would not have made it down.

An emergency purchase of tickets in the Gary Ablett Jnr pocket (players stand, lower level), right near the fence, were required.


We arrive at the ground. A nice and easy entrance when you get there before everyone else.


We hit the bar and concession stand for sustenance and god damn they are expensive.


We’ve made it to our seats an hour before game time. Time to relive the highlights of todays exploits. Good play, tackles, cheap shots and almost moments.


The Cats are out for their warm-up. Time to talk some BS and religiously watch how Jeremy Cameron kicks for goal


The Geelong warm-up wraps up, and Jeremy Cameron barely missed a shot! In true Geelong fashion people we know sit down right near us and we say hello and have a quick catch-up. You would say “What are the odds?” but it happens almost every match.


Some late changes announced for Port. Bergmann and Finlayson are both out. Thy don’t even bother to announce who replaces them. Guess we’ll just figure it out.


Now, we’re just marvelling at the incoming Northern stand of the ground (which should be named the Ablett Stand upon completion). We’ll be moving our seats there in 2024 and returning to having permanent seats for Cats games in Geelong.


Quick run back to the “concession” stand (run is extremely figurative here)


Cats team entrance. Nice build up. good use of the LED lighting in the stadium. Some dismal fireworks. A nice rendition of the towns anthem.


Port’s team entrance. Very much an away team entrance. Not much fanfare. They have the usual pocket of supporters, with a couple hundred scattered amongst the horde of Cats faithful. Port do look very professional though. Despite their injuries they still have a dangerous group of young talented players. They look like a team on a mission.


Port win the toss and elect to kick at us. The bastards.


Game time! Let’s bloody go!!!


Ollie Henry first goal. Great start. Now get on with it.


Jeremey Cameron set shot doesn’t make the distance. Here we go again.


Willie Rioli goal. No faith in Kolodjashnij’s ability to go with Rioli. It’s a weird match-up. they’re not going to be bombing it on his head as a long target, and he is definitely too quick and nimble for Kolodjashnij. Zach Guthrie is on Darcy Byrne-Jones and Mark O’Connor is floating around the backline. There are better matchups out there. Is Kolodjashnij just unable to play on anyone else? We’ll see how this develops.


Rioli again! Kolodjashnij must feel embarrassed as 25,000 Cats fans are talking about how much of a bath he’s getting already. It’s a long way back from here, for Kolo’.


Bit dirty from Byrne-Jones there. Not sure if much was in it, but players remonstrated. We’ll see if there is any MRO outcomes..


Air Sav has returned, flying locally to a destination near you! He connects with Miers and Smith for a very nice goal. Miers with a trademark goal assist.


Jason Horne-Francis goal. He’s really gotten busy in the last few minutes for the Power.

8pm – Quarter Time

Wow. That was a great quarter of football. Rioli, Butters, Rozee and JHF all killing the Cats. Ollie Henry, Atkins, Smith and Miers cutting up the Power. 12 goals kicked in it. Couldn’t have asked for any better.


Back to the concession stand.


Gary Rohan soars like an Eagle for a Get out of Jail (GooJ) mark.


Goal number four for Ollie Henry. How many can he kick tonight?


A Mitch Duncan rundown tackle? Darcy Byrne-Jones must’ve thought he was out for a leisurely stroll at Kardinia Park and forgot he was playing football. He shook Duncan’s initial lunge and then just meandered along thinking he was free and easy. It’s the only explanation as the only pace Duncan ever possessed was when he was 16.


A rare Gryan Miers goal. The finishing of all drinks is required. Back to the concession stand.


Still feeling very nervous about the of footy that JHF, Butters and Rozee are getting. Fortunately, outside of them and Rioli, there seems to be a few Power players down. It’s noticeable when one of those four touches the footy as the nervous energy in the stadium rises significantly. Surely someone will stand next to Butters at some point!


Air Sav with the spoil. With authority! Having a great quarter down back. Playing himself back into the hearts of many Geelong fans who’d resolved he wasn’t part of the Cats’ best team.


Tom Atkins reinforcing why he is fast becoming the most loved Cats payer, by far. A great smother and tackle on the wing after a controversial insufficient intent call on the far wing.


Air Sava GOOJ!

8:35pm – Half Time

A much more subdued second quarter. Both teams struggling to convert their opportunities in front of goal. Some great link up play from both teams. Both still vying for aerial dominance with Geelong looking like they have a slight edge.



The major downside of GMHBA stadium is that it still has not upgraded is network (and if it has they should be getting their money back!). Still no chance of getting any connection with a decent crowd in the house. Both Marvel and the MCG have improved this out of sight. Meanwhile you can’t even check the scores of other games happening when at GMHBA or load up twitter or Facebook.


Time for the second half. This could go anywhere.


Sam Powell-Pepper with an absolute gem from the pocket. Right in front of me. Unbelievable!


Two quick goals to Port and its not looking good. Rioli has continued his domination of Kolodjashnij. The Cats fans around us want him subbed out or moved onto someone else. This matchup is killing us.


Another goal. To Butters this time. A clinical pass and finish. Cats getting obliterated in the middle of the ground to start this quarter. Feel like we haven’t had an effective disposal yet in our forward half. Somebody make it stop.


We have avoided another Gryan Miers goal. Phew.

9:24pm – Three-Quarter Time

A late shot by Jeremy Cameron was controversially called a point. Absolute bull crap. Umpire’s a coward. Just pay the goal!


One final trip to the concession stand. Double this time, to ensure there is no need to return during a hopefully gripping last quarter.


Last quarter. Todd Marshall kicks the first goal of the quarter. The nervous energy is palpable.


The Power blow some chances in front of goal from Ollie Wines and Ollie Lord and the Cats make them pay. No surprise to find Miers and Close in the thick of the play leading to a Cats score. They are the keys to Geelong’s attack.


A Duncan goal. Time for a beer with Duncan. Cats regain the lead and the crowd is in raptures.


GRYAN!!!!! Some great pressure from the Cats up forward and Miers closes down Rozee. He converts a tough set shot to extend the Cats lead. He really made up for that earlier shot he kicked out on the full. And as is tradition in 2023, all drinks must be finished upon a Miers goal.


Surprise, surprise joining Miers in closing out this game is his partner in crime in Brad Close. Now bring it home, Cats!


Tom Stewart is an Australian hero and I won’t hear a bad word about him! Back with the flight again tonight. Stewart has saved the Cats more times than I can remember in this game. It must feel a bit insulting to be his opponent as he rarely cares where they go, he just goes t where the ball is going. And wins it! We’ll just forget about that tap-on to Rioli for one of his early goals.

10pm – Final Siren!

Victory!!! The Cats get the job done and keep the season alive.


A quick check of the live ladder shows we’re back in the top eight where we belong. Now for the “Cat Attack” song to play at GMHBA as the unofficial club song.


The Wrap:

Geelong Cats:

The Cats got the job done. Exactly what was needed. The players required stood up and they kept their season alive beating one of the top two teams in the competition. The loss last week still haunts them, but they now have to focus on a seemingly wobbly Collingwood on Friday night in a huge late-season match-up. This mongrel still maintains that the round one game between those two was the best three quarters of footy they’ve seen this year.

Port Adelaide:

A fourth consecutive loss for the Power, but arguably the most acceptable. Absolutely ravaged by injuries and other outs. Travelling to the fortress in Geelong. It was an uphill battle to begin with and it just kept getting harder. If anything, it should strengthen their resolve in their midfield group who kept them in this game, and made it look like they would pinch it. Butters is built for finals; he is going to tear one apart someday. Port just didn’t get the input they needed from a few of their fringe players, but you can’t be asking for such big efforts form them to match your stars.

The Power will now likely slip from second spot on the ladder for the first time in a few months. They do finish the year with two out of thee games at Adelaide Oval, and don’t come back to Victoria. Now it’s all about holding that home ground advantage and getting their team healthy for September.