Defensive Player of the Year – Round 16

Well, it’s happening.

After establishing a huge lead through the first half of the season, the decision to play Nick Daicos more as a midfielder is seeing him drop right back to the pack. His lead sits now at just one point as we enter the final eight games of the season.

It’s game on.

One of the most glaring absences in the AFL’s award structure is the failure to recognise the best defenders in the game.

In 2020, The Mongrel had enough of the league dragging its feet and missing a golden opportunity to honour the unsung heroes of the league. As such, we introduced The Mongrel Punt Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Now in year four, the DPOY award captures the performances of the best defenders in the game, irrespective of their roles. We make provision for the contest-killers, the interceptors, the rebounders, the run-and-carry players, and even the defensive midfielders. Our formula uses statistics – both official and a few of our own, as well as a combination of votes to find a number each week for the defenders.

At the end of the season, we crown our Defensive Player of the Year, and what is ridiculous is that it automatically makes our award the longest-running award with a focus on the defenders. Hell, even if the AFL decided to extract the digit and start one right now, we’d have more history behind our efforts.

That’s actually pretty sad – the AFL should be doing a lot better, here.

Anyway, who will join Luke Ryan (2020), Jacob Weitering (2021), and James Sicily (2022) as winners of the best award on offer for the defenders in the league?


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