Port Adelaide v Geelong – Mongrel Talking Points

As the players walked to the quarter-time huddles, I got a bit of an education as to how others see a game of footy.

You see, in a quarter where both teams had eight scoring shots apiece, I was informed that Geelong were dominating the game. I was told that when they’d kicked six in a quarter, their record was impeccable. And I was told that the Cats were looking like the better team.

And it had me asking questions – Really?

Were they really that much better than Port? Or did the Power just fail to convert?

To me, the teams looked about level in terms of their performance everywhere except when it came to accuracy, even with Port Adelaide failing to implement their pressure game to the level they have all season. As I sat and pondered what might come next, I was fully expecting to see a lift from the home team, and whilst it took until the third quarter to arrive, when it did, it quickly became apparent that only one team was going to be viewed as dominant, or the better team on this night.

And that team was Port Adelaide.

You get the feeling at times that you’re witnessing something special in an AFL season.

I had it last year watching Collingwood have their amazing run of close games. There was a feeling about the Tigers in 2019, and there have also been similar feelings about the Swans in 2022 (oops) and West Coast back in 2018 (got that one right).

And there is a feeling akin to that about Port Adelaide right now. With 11 wins on the trot, they move into the bye sitting on top of the AFL ladder and they are ready to give the premiership a real shake.

Before we start talking finals and flags, however, we need to dissect this game and find out how Port conquered the reigning premiers.

Let’s jump into The Mongrel’s Talking Points.


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