St Kilda v Sydney – The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Have you ever attempted to gouge your eyes out with a fork?

I haven’t, but I doubt it would be much more painful than watching the first quarter of the Sydney v St Kilda game at the SCG.

With the surface a little damp underfoot, those who failed to switch over to the cricket were treated to some of the worst footy of the season, with both teams failing repeatedly to find a teammate, including a couple of tragically comedic passages that saw both teams turn the ball over multiple times and make fundamental errors with timing and accuracy as though they were part of a improv theatre group.

Luckily, the game picked up after quarter-time to lure people back, with both teams upping the ante on the scoreboard. The pressure remained fierce, befitting teams coached by Paul Roos’ proteges, but in the end, it was the Saints who were able to settle, hit the scoreboard, and lock the ball inside their forward fifty for long enough to get the win.

Let’s jump into the Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Saints road win.


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